Figure out what's next, do more of what you love (now) + explore your options.

Going around in circles trying to decide what to do?

Not quite ready to quit your job but daydreaming about doing anything-else-but-this?

Wondering how you can find a job you love without tumble weeds rolling through your bank account?

Dying to know how to include more of your passion for Queer Eye, Beyoncé's new album, Korean food, and golden retrievers into your life? (Just me?)

january 11, 18, 25 + Feb 1
via zoom

The Discovery Lab!

Is that a yes?!

If you're feeling it might be time for a change
but you're struggling to figure out what's next
join me on this four week adventure!

We'll meet as a group on four Wednesdays from January 11 to February 1, 2023 from 6:00 - 8:00pm (PST) on Zoom. 

Each class includes a guided meditation or visualization. (Yes, we're a little bit woo around here!)

The course is very interactive. You're encouraged to share your thoughts, feedback, and questions!

Each week you'll receive optional reflection questions or exercises to work on between classes.

Everything we discuss is confidential within the group. What happens on Zoom, stays on Zoom! (Unlike Vegas because I've heard a lot of Vegas stories!)

Come prepared to laugh, cry, reflect, explore, and laugh some more. Mostly at my bad jokes. (Actually they might make you cry!)


The Things That
Get In The Way

This week we will:

1. Discuss how to manage your mindset so things like perfectionism + imposter syndrome don't hold you back. 

2. Talk about the negative beliefs that creep in when you start thinking about making a change. (Totally normal btw!)

3. Understand how self-compassion (a.k.a. being a lot f*cking nicer to yourself) can help.

As a result, you will:
* Stop questioning your self-worth.
* Stop underestimating yourself. 
* Stop being so hard on yourself! 

Values +
Super Powers

This week we will:

1. Get crystal clear on your values. The real ones. Not the ones you think you should have. 

2. Identify the strengths, skills + gifts only you have a.k.a. your "super powers". 

3. Dive into results from recommended personality tests + assessments. Think Cosmo quiz but more helpful than "Are you great in bed?" (was there ever any doubt??)

As a result, you will:
* Know your values so clearly you'd tattoo them on your .... arm.
* Discover your super powers and the things that make you a lovable weirdo. 
* Learn some interesting new things about yourself!

This week we will:

1. Mine your current situation for gold. Gold = insights (and insights are gold!) See what I did there? We'll do an honest assessment of where you're at now and what you can control (hint: a lot!).

2. Dive into what inspires you, thrills you, and makes time disappear. Plus what drains you and makes time stand still. (Like when I do a plank at the gym).

3. Learn how doing more of what you love leads to attracting more of what you love. We're also going to start getting clear on what you want. Even if you think you don't know. (You do).

As a result, you will:
* Start seeing what's possible. 
* Do more of what you love.
* Get in touch with your inner-Yoda.

Figuring Out
What Lights You Up

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Goals with Soul + Mini-Experiments 

This week we will:

1. Learn how to set goals you're excited about because you know exactly how you'll FEEL when you achieve them.

2. Discuss how to start doing mini-experiments so you can start exploring your options in a way that's enjoyable + easy.

3. Celebrate! 

As a result, you will:
* Set meaningful goals you'll actually achieve.
* Start exploring.
* Do virtual tequila shots with me + your new friends!

Week Four


sold out!

By the end you will:

start seeing what's possible for you (hint: a lot!)

stop negative thoughts from holding you back

meet other fantastic women (like you!) on a similar path 

be more present + feel less anxious about the future

feel motivated aF

expand your community

you're open to different ideas, curious, and non-judgemental of others

you want to connect with an ah-mazing group of women

You spend more time than you're willing to admit in the "personal-growth" section of the book store (#guiltyascharged)

you're feeling itchy for a change but not sure where to start

you're a little bit salty and a little bit spiritual

This is for you if ...

“This course helped me identify some unique things about myself in a fun and interesting way! How to apply those attributes to enact a change in my life + the resources provided, meant for an exciting way to look ahead. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

- Amanda S.

[kind words]

I LOVE helping people plan for their own success in a way that feels aligned + purposeful (and fun)!

I'm a coach, recovering perfectionist, and former corporate lawyer.

I'm on a mission to help women figure out what they want and plan their next steps (whatever that looks like) so they can have a career + a life they love!

No "should's" allowed here! I believe in enjoying the journey and living a life that lights you up.

i've got you

“If we don't have clear meaning and purpose behind our intentions, it's all just fluff.”

- me


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