2023 Soul Goals Workshop!

Get set up for success in your career + your life in 2023! Set your intentions for the year and create a plan to get there with all the accountability you need to stay focused and on-track!

thursday, January 12 @ 5:00pm (PST)/8:00pm (EST)
via zoom

Do you LOVE setting goals for the year ahead
but rarely make a plan for HOW to achieve them?

EVERY successful organization creates a plan to meet their goals.
So why don't we?

JOIN ME for the most important planning session of the year so you can kill it in 2023!

"a goal without a plan is just a wish." 

[said someone wise]

Promises You Can Keep!

How It Works!

Focus on 3-4 goals that have meaning for YOU + a strong purpose behind them.

goal setting

Create a plan for your next steps and timelines for each goal.
This will be your road map! 

action plan

Share your goals with people in your community + find an accountability partner. 


I LOVE helping women plan for their own success in a way that feels aligned + purposeful (and fun)!

I'm a former corporate lawyer, a coach, and a total #goalnerd.

I strongly believe setting goals helps us have direction and purpose but without some support and a road map we can all get a little lost along the way.

I love helping women take a DEEP DIVE into what they want to achieve in a way that's meaningful and inspiring. No "should's" allowed here! I believe in enjoying the journey and living a life that lights you up.

i've got you

You'll leave the workshop with:

3-4 SOUL goals to focus on

We'll ensure your goals have meaning+ purpose for you. We can focus on goals related to your career, finances, health, well-being, and relationships too! They're ALL connected.

mini-action plans for each goal

This is all about clarifying next steps and focusing on bite-sized action plans to help you achieve each goal. We'll also set time lines + ways for you to celebrate your achievements!

the accountability you need

Learn how to enrol a community of support so you have the accountability you need to help move you forward even when things get hard! 

What's included in my registration?

Three hours of jam-packed actionable goal setting amazingness! 

Plus! Before the call, you'll receive a series of reflection questions designed specifically to help you choose which goals to focus on in the year ahead (you're going to love it!).

Workshop Details

 cost to attend

all this amazingness is yours for $97!

“If we don't have clear meaning and purpose behind our intentions, it's all just fluff.”

- me

Clarity about EXACTLY where you're headed in 2023!

How does this sound?

A clear set of goals with soul that you can focus your energy on.



by the end of this magical workshop you will have:

Clear, strategic, and powerful action plans (aka road maps)!


Inspiration for 2023 because you've got a plan to get some sh*t DONE!


Accountability to stop you from shoving your dreams in a drawer for another year! 


email me! →

Send me an email and I'll let you know when registration is open for the workshop!  Woot! I'm already getting excited for you for 2023.

Get on the waitlist for the Soul Goals Workshop!

Is that a yes?

you're ready to kill it in 2023!


You love having accountabilty


you've goT BIG JUICY GOALS FOR this year!

This is for you if ...

I'm Chiara. I'm so happy you found your way here.

I'm a mindset + career transition coach, a career strategist, a recovering perfectionist, and a former corporate lawyer.

I'm on a mission to help women who feel stuck in an unfulfilling career by helping them overcome their fears, figure out what they want, and plan their transition so they can have a career + a life they love!


What's included in my registration?
A three-hour LIVE workshop led by me over Zoom. Before the session, I will send you a series of reflection questions to review.  

Can I focus on other goals that aren't directly related to my career?
Yes! In fact I'd encourage it. Your career affects your finances, your mental + physical health, your relationships, your family, your overall well-being, and so much more! We make sure you're checking ALL your boxes. 

What if I don't know what my goals are yet?
No problem! The goals pre-workshop questionnaire will help you and we can dive into it in the workshop too.

Do I have to speak/contribute? 
The workshop is meant to be interactive. You don't have to share anything you're not comfortable with of course but this a "camera on" kinda Zoom meeting! 

How do I get on the waitlist?
Email me: info@chiarawoods.com. We'll let you know when the doors open! The first five people to register will get a FREE 30 min follow-up coaching session with me to help keep you on track!

What if I have more questions? 
Same as above! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.