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A show for people interested in exploring a deeper sense of meaning + purpose in their professional and personal lives!

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It's a Podcast but it's also a Community.


Listen to inspiring conversations with thought leaders, experts, and regular-people-being-awesome (including me!) for tools, resources, and nuggets of wisdom to help you thrive. 

Join me, Chiara, former corporate lawyer turned coach as I take a deep dive to discuss all things related to career transition, health + wellness, meditation, mindfulness, mindset, personal development, and spirituality.

We'll also explore what it looks like when the path towards greater meaning and purpose requires leaving your job or your chosen profession altogether. 

You’ll hear from guests who made the leap including how and perhaps most importantly, why they did it. 

Put it this way. If it will help you build a career + a life you love then we are digging into it on this show!

Half pragmatist and half spiritual seeker, join me as I explore these topics in a practical way to help you thrive no matter where you are in your journey!

Welcome to the trailer episode for the Soulicitor Podcast! This episode is a quick overview of who I am, what the show is all about, and the logistics so you know when to tune in!  

Trailer for the Soulicitor Podcast

Career Transition, Meditation + Mindfulness, Spirituality

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I'm Chiara, and I'm so happy you're here!

I'm a mindset + career transition coach, a former corporate lawyer, and a recovering perfectionist.

It's my mission to help professional women connect to their authentic selves and align with their true purpose so they can have a career + and a life they love!

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REGISTER for the Discovery Lab! Starting Oct 5th. (We're putting the "disco" into discovery!)  

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