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Ep 08 Paths to Healing + Connection: A Conversation with Alli Mary Epp, Hypnotherapist & Ceremonialist


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Join me for a magical conversation with Alli Mary Epp!

Alli is a celebrated Ceremonial Artist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, mother of two, and lover of the Every-Day Sacred. Alli’s journey into her spiritual quest started with her love of the creative arts and acting, and then led to her being a hatha and kundalini yoga teacher for over 15 years.  Alli is always looking at ways to weave together healing modalities and the arts to help others connect with their inner worlds and expand their sense of play and belonging.

Alli runs her own Hypnotherapy studio in Comox, B.C., Canada, as well as offering monthly workshops and nature based rituals. Alli most recently created the “Dream Temple Sessions” in which she combines Lunar Kundalini and Breathwork with a guided Hypnosis Journey.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Alli’s professional journey which includes past experience as an actor, financial advisor, and yoga teacher
  • How she weaves her past experiences together into her current work
  • Healing our relationships with money – how Ali consciously and powerfully shifted her money stories and moved toward ease and joy
  • Her hypnotherapy practice including what hypnotherapy is and how it can be used as a tool for greater expansion
  • Alli’s work as a ceremonial artist and the healing that can be found in bringing people together
  • What gives Alli a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Her guidance for people going through a transition

Alli’s website:

Instagram: @allimaryepp

Tune in here or on your favourite podcast platform and let’s dive in!

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