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Ep 10 From the Inside Out: Creating A Heart Centered Business with Megan Smiley


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Megan Smiley is the founder of Megan Smiley Coaching and the host of The Lawyer’s Escape Pod.

She helps lawyers and other professionals who feel called to something more creative and purposeful ditch the grind and design their own heart-centered businesses.

Before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Megan practiced corporate law and worked for a law school as the Director of International Programs.  

Megan’s mission is to help people who feel stuck in unfulfilling professions launch businesses that align with their life vision, natural talents, and values.

It can be hard when your identity and sense of success are tightly bound to a profession. But Megan helps people see the world of possibilities and create a life and career by design rather than default.

In her free time, you’ll find Megan traveling the world. She’s been to 58 countries and counting.

She also loves hiking, sailing, and drinking ice-cold beer with friends. After deprogramming from the legal world, she’s fiercely committed to creating space for fun and joy in her life, not just work.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The evolution of Megan’s professional journey from lawyer to entrepreneur (and everything in between!)
  • “Work life integration” v.s. “work life balance”
  • How not to “build another prison” for yourself (from a career perspective)
  • The importance of aligning with our true values
  • The benefits of a growth mindset when exploring career options
  • Perfectionism and shame (and how self-compassion can be an antidote!)
  • Taking a heart-centred approach to creating a business and/or career

Find Megan here:

Megan’s website



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