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Ep 11 The Discovery Lab! My new live course! October 2022


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I’m thrilled/ecstatic/absolutely delighted to tell you about the new (LIVE) course I’m teaching in October (2022)!

It’s called the Discovery Lab! It’s for women who feel ready for a change but aren’t quite sure yet of the what/when/how or maybe even why! (You’re just READY).

In the early stages of any career transition you need guidance, support, connection with people who GET it, freedom to explore ideas, and a reminder to laugh every once in a while (because things can get overwhelming sometimes!)

So this is my offering to you!

In the Lab, we’re putting on our lab coats and getting curious about ourselves, our dreams + what we want next for our lives!

We’re also talking about how to do more of what you want *today*. Not the tomorrow that never comes. Not when you quit your job. Not when you start meditating regularly. Not when you retire and you finally have more time!

❤️ Week 1: What Lights You Up? We’re exploring what you love + what makes time disappear! (And we’re talking about what drains you + makes time stand still…like when I do hot yoga! 😭).

❤️ Week 2: Values + Super Powers. We’re diving into your values and the strengths + skills (aka “super powers”) only YOU have.

❤️ Week 3: The things that get in the way. Fear, negative thoughts, those annoying (but convincing!) voices in your head that say you aren’t enough. We’ve all got em! But we’re talking back AND learning how to be a lot f*cking nicer to ourselves!

❤️ Week 4: Goals with Soul + Mini Experiments. We’re making some #soulgoals and then testing the waters in a way that’s easy + fun! And we’re celebrating (& maybe even shedding a tear!) because it’s our last class! 🥂😭

By the end you will:
💫 Start seeing what’s possible (hint: a lot!)
💫 Feel more present + less worried about the future
💫 Stop negative thoughts from holding you back
💫 Meet other ah-mazing women (like you!) on a similar path
💫 Feel motivated as f*ck! 🤭

If you’re a little bit salty + a little bit spiritual … I invite you to join us! ✨💥✨

Only $89 to register! Limited spaces available.

Wednesday Oct 5/12/19/26 @ 6:00pm PST

It’s going to be a party you don’t want to miss! 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 Share with your peeps!

p.s. Even if you don’t join me for the Lab, this episode is JAM PACKED with goodies/insights/guidance to help you on your career transition journey!

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