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Ep 03 Future Self Guided Visualization


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One of the most helpful tools that I’ve discovered when it comes to helping people figure out their purpose, set a vision for the future, or connect to their wise inner-sage (we all have one!) is this guided visualization.

This exercise is an opportunity to meet your future self, gain valuable guidance, and ask some important questions.

This recording is adapted (slightly) from the original version by the Coaches Training Institute.

Helpful tips

  • Find a quiet comfortable space where you can fully relax.
  • Have a pen + paper nearby in case you want to write down some notes afterwards.
  • Approach the exercise with a sense of curiosity.
  • Try not to judge the messages from your future self. They may make more sense once you’ve had some time to reflect!

Questions for Reflection

What was the overall essence/energy of your future self?

What surprised you the most?

Based on this experience, would you change anything you’re doing now?

What was the most important thing you learned?

Please note: this visualization uses female pronouns.

Tune in here or on your favourite podcast platform and let’s dive in!

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