A course for the woo-curious! 

Co-hosted by Megan Smiley and Chiara Woods, the intention of this workshop is to teach participants the basic tenets of various modalities and how they can help us tap into our inner wisdom, increase self-awareness, build insight, and navigate personal + professional transitions!

Each session will be taught by a guest expert. Topics covered include: meditation + intuition, astrology, hypnotherapy, human design, and mediumship! 

If you're open to thinking about the world in new ways and interested in exploring new perspectives, join us!

May 31 + June 7,14,21,28
5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST
via zoom

Inner Wisdom Workshop

We'll meet on Wednesdays for approximately one hour from May 31 to June 28 at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST on Zoom. Note: the session on June 21st will be in the morning as our guest speaker is based in the UK.

All classes will be recorded so you can always watch the recording if you can't attend live.

There will be opportunities for participants to volunteer to have a 1:1 experience/reading in class. 

The course is interactive. You're encouraged to share your thoughts, feedback, and questions

Everything we discuss is confidential within the group. What happens on Zoom, stays on Zoom.

Come prepared to explore, connect, reflect, and have fun in a safe + welcoming space! 


We're diving into meditation, intuition, and other tools we've explored in our own personal journeys!

megan smiley + chiara woods

Megan is the founder of Megan Smiley Coaching and the host of The Lawyer’s Escape Pod. She helps lawyers and other professionals who feel called to something more creative and purposeful ditch the grind and design their own heart-centered businesses. Before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Megan practiced corporate law and worked for a law school as the Director of International Programs.  Megan’s mission is to help people who feel stuck in unfulfilling professions launch businesses that align with their life vision, natural talents, and values. It can be hard when your identity and sense of success are tightly bound to a profession. But Megan helps people see the world of possibilities and create a life and career by design rather than default.

Learn more about Megan and her services at megansmiley.com.

Meditation + Intuition

Chiara is a coach, former corporate lawyer, and host of the Soulicitor Podcast. She loves taking a deep dive into all things related to career transition, health + wellness, meditation, mindfulness, mindset, personal development, and spirituality. She also loves helping clients discover their path towards finding greater meaning + purpose both professionally and personally! Chiara has explored various modalities and enjoys learning new perspectives and ways of understanding herself and the world. She is so excited to be co-hosting this course! 

Learn more about Chiara and her services at chiarawoods.com.

Is it written in the stars? We're discovering more  about astrology with Jenny and learning about our unique blue prints. 

jenny M.

Jenny has been studying astrology since high school, but it wasn’t until after a long career in another field that she finally gave herself permission to pursue her calling in life.

Jenny approaches readings as a collaborative journey to her clients' innermost being, and she especially enjoys working with clients who are seeking their life purpose or a more fulfilling career. She believes astrology is an incredibly potent tool for self-understanding and looks forward to helping you optimize your natal potential and current planetary energies to create more joy, meaning and success in your life.

Learn more about Jenny and her services at skywhispersastrology.com.


How can we unlock the power of our subconscious minds and release limiting beliefs and blocks? We're exploring hypnotherapy with Alli.

Alli mary epp

Alli is a ceremonialist, sacred story teller and hypnotherapist. She believes deeply in connecting with the wisdom and medicine of the earth and seasons and the power of our own creative force. Through her unique weaving of ritual, breath, and trance she creates safe spaces for journeying within and remembering our own magic. She believes in honouring our ancestors, cultural lineages and the roots of the land where we practice as well as always inviting our individual essence to shine through.

She is over the moon to get to share the art of Self Hypnosis with you!

Learn more about Alli and her offerings at allimaryepp.com.


Lauren is teaching us about human design, a spiritual science showing us the energetic and genetic map of who we are and our potential.

lauren kay

Lauren is a Human Design Guide for lawyers & professionals. She is deeply passionate about human potential and guiding/teaching people to understand their unique gifts, strengths and how they're naturally designed to work optimally in order to create feel-good success.

As a former Big Law lawyer turned remote legal consultant (a.k.a. a legal eagle as Lauren likes to call it!), Lauren is an advocate of the WFA (work from anywhere) movement and is passionate about the pillars of a creativity, freedom, passion and purpose in work & business.

Lauren is the creator & host of the Legally Different podcast, a hub of conversations from the spiritual to the strategic with pioneering legal humans focused on the meaning of success.

Learn more about Lauren and her offerings at legallydifferent.com.

Human Design

We're diving into intuitive coaching and mediumship with Kristen.

kristen swinehart

Kristen is a former lawyer and psychic medium passionate about helping people live their "1st Place Life" through intuitive coaching and mediumship! 

Learn more about Kristen and her services at kristenswinehart.com.


you're interested in exploring new ideas, curious, and ready to get your woo on! 

you want to connect with an amazing group of people

You have a secret crystal collection and more oracle cards than you know what to do with! (#guiltyascharged)

you're intrigued by some of these modalities and want to learn more

you're open to thinking about the world and yourself in new ways

This is for you if ...

“What you seek is seeking you”

- rumi