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Ep 13 The Liberated Lawyer: Resilience, Self-Trust, + Freedom from Anxiety with Ellen Schlesinger + Melanie Goela.


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Ellen Schlesinger and Melanie Goela are both licensed psychotherapists in Canada, wellness coaches worldwide, and former lawyers. They teach lawyers how to “work easy” to find freedom from anxiety and self doubt using their signature F.R.E.E. method of anxiety relief.

They are the founders of From Anxiety To Ease, a therapy centre in Toronto specializing in lawyer mental health and the founders of the Liberated Lawyer coaching program, available to lawyers worldwide. 

Topics covered:

  • Melanie and Ellen’s professional journeys from lawyers to therapists.
  • The challenges lawyers face within the culture of law and legal practice.
  • Melanie and Ellen’s perspectives on recommended approaches to dealing with anxiety (and why they may not always be effective).
  • The importance of building self-trust and how it can be helpful in dealing with anxiety and generally!
  • What true resilience is (and what it isn’t).
  • Their new program for lawyers who are dealing with anxiety called The Liberated Lawyer.


3 Simple Mindset Changes to Finally Overcome Anxiety as a Lawyer (even if you’ve already tried everything)

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 @ 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST

Register here.

No cost to attend.



Instagram: @anxiety.therapists.for.lawyers




How Lawyers Calm Their Anxious Brains: A guide to help lawyers relax before, during and after social events (including job interviews!)


Free anxiety relief course accredited for law society CPD.

From Anxiety To Ease – The Legal Edition

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