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Ep 12 Living a life that lights you up! Clarity, Confidence + Courage – A Conversation with Ryan Spence.


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Ryan Spence is a life coach, motivational speaker, and author of The Triple C Method®️ Gain Clarity, Boost Confidence & Build Courage So You Can Live Life Lit. A former BigLaw lawyer, Ryan now helps lawyers & corporate professionals gain greater clarity, confidence, and courage so they can live life lit!

Driven by his own experience of a corporate life full of as much burnout as success, Ryan’s mission now is to motivate and inspire his clients to raise their ambition, push beyond fear, and take action to embrace the unknown and create the life they want.

Ryan is a frequent guest on podcasts like Legally Different, The Corporate Expat™️ Experience, and The Side Hustle Club Podcast. He also hosts his own podcast The Triple C Project®️, where he shares tools, tips, and strategies to help live the lit life you deserve.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Ryan’s professional journey starting with his work in the music business and what led him to law school and eventually to Big Law
  • How getting physical (signing up for a box match! ) helped him get out of his head and gave him a new challenge to focus on
  • Ryan’s new book: The Triple C Method.
  • The three most important questions to ask oneself when seeking clarity
  • Why knowing your “why” is so important
  • Why taking action is critical (even before you know what’s going to happen)
  • The concept of “courage stacking”
  • Perfectionism and now it holds you back and burns you out
  • Ryan’ advice for people who are going through a personal or professional transition

My favourite quote from Ryan’s book:

“When your thoughts are telling you, I can’t, confidence will make you ask, Where’s the evidence? When your brain is telling you, That’s not for me, confidence will make you ask, Why not me?




LinkedIn: /i-am-ryan-spence/




Title: The Triple C Method®: Gain clarity, boost confidence and build courage so you can live life lit!

Available now in paperback and ebook.

Audiobook available July 2022.

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