Strategies to Identify + Address Perfectionism 

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This 90 minute on-demand course is designed for lawyers who struggle with perfectionism. 
It offers effective tools, strategies, and resources to help put your inner-perfectionist in the back seat and move forward with compassion, courage, and confidence.
Win, win, win!

Not sure if you're a perfectionist? 

Common behaviours:

Agonizing over small details. (NOT the same as being "detail oriented", btw!)

Avoiding things entirely because you're afraid of doing a less-than-perfect job. 

Ruminating over what could’ve been done better in any given situation. (Who hasn't been there?)

Not stepping forward for opportunities because you think you aren't [fill in the blank] enough. #relatable

Not delegating work to others because you're afraid they won't meet your unrealistic expectations. (Perfectionists are a delight to work with! Wink).

Constantly trying to improve things by re-doing them repeatedly. (I'm tired just thinking about it!)

Being overly self-critical and critical of others who fail to meet your high standards (a.k.a. impossible standards). 

Discounting or minimizing your accomplishments and positive qualities. (Sad face).

Any of this sound familiar?

"But what's wrong with wanting to be perfect?"

Here's the issue (and I say this with kindness):

1. Perfect doesn't exist. 
2. Perfect is actually a pretty boring goal. (You can do better, I promise).
3. Perfectionism slows you down. Way down.
4. It stops you from trying new things.
5. It's rooted in shame, anxiety, and that never-good-enough feeling. 
6. Did I mention perfect doesn't exist?

But I just have really high standards, Chiara!

Or, I'm a lawyer. I can't make mistakes!

Please believe me. There is a difference. 

In the words of Brené Brown (a researcher with a PhD in this area):

"Perfectionism is the belief that if we're perfect we can minimize or avoid painful feelings of blame, judgment, and shame".

Please read that again.

Perfectionism is not about self-improvement. 

It's based on external approval and acceptance.

As Brené says, perfectionism fuels the belief "I am what I accomplish and how well I accomplish it". 

Mic drop.

You may be thinking ...

What perfectionism is (and what it isn't) including the difference between having high standards and being a perfectionist. Hint: they're not the same!

How to stop perfectionism from keeping you stuck in "perfection paralysis".

Tools + strategies to get off the hamster wheel of people-pleasing.

Where perfectionism can appear in your professional and personal life and how to identify your triggers.

Practical tips, tools, and resources to help prevent procrastination and overwhelm.

The root causes of perfectionism and the connection to self-worth and shame.

How developing a growth mindset can help you learn regardless of the outcome or circumstances.

How mindfulness-based tools and self-compassion can be a HUGE help and improve your overall well-being!

Sound good?

In this class you will learn...

How it works!

What perfectionism is (and what it isn't), how to define it, and its root causes.


When + where it shows up in our professional and personal lives and its impacts.


Tools, strategies, exercises, and resources to help move you forward! 


I know first-hand how difficult it can be to agonize over small details and feel paralyzed by the thought of making a mistake!

I'm a coach, former corporate lawyer, and recovering perfectionist myself.

I love helping people who struggle with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and burnout. 

I’m also on a mission to help people who feel stuck in an unfulfilling career by helping them figure out what they want so they can have a career + a life they love.

Mindfulness, meditation, and various other practical tools + strategies have had a very positive impact on me professionally and personally.

I want to share what I've learned along the way with others and provide valuable resources in a way that's meaningful, helpful, and fun!

i've been there


lesson 1

1. Understanding what perfectionism is (and what it isn't)!
2. Three common types of perfectionism.
3. Root causes.

lesson 2

1. When + where perfectionism appears in our professional + personal lives.
2. Common behaviours and ways to identify  it.
3. Impacts: professional + personal.

lesson 3


1. Tools & Strategies.
2. Exercises.

1. Resources.
2. Quiz: mandatory for members of the Law Society of British Columbia only.

What's included and how does it work?

Once you complete your registration, you will be asked to create an account + password so you can access the course via an online platform called Teachery.

There's an introduction + three individual video lessons inside the course for a total of 90 minutes of content. 

There's also a resource guide which includes optional exercises available for download. A short quiz is required for members of the Law Society of British Columbia only.

All you need to do is grab your earbuds, put your feet up, and dive in! You can access the course from desktop, mobile, or tablet. 

You'll have access to the course for the rest of the calendar year until December 31 at midnight (PST). (I see you my fellow procrastinators and I don't judge! :)

Details + Format

By the end you will:

start seeing what a life free from perfectionism can look + feel like 

understand how to stop negative beliefs from holding you back 

see the value of being kinder to yourself (yep, it actually works!)

learn how to be more present + feel less anxious about the future

have the tools you need to take back your time, your energy, and your self-worth!

“I highly recommend this course to any lawyer looking to step beyond the constraints of perfectionism and find a happier way to live and practice law.

- melanie goela, J.D., M.ED, psychotherapist specializing in lawyer mental health

Strategies to Identify + Address Perfectionism hones in on the purpose perfectionism holds in our lives, how it harms us rather than helps us, and how we can replace it with a healthier relationship to self that doesn’t compromise our excellence. Furthermore, it introduces us to the key antidote to perfectionism along with some really practical exercises that can shift things immediately." 

[kind words]

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Is that a yes?

“Perfectionism is a 20 ton
shield that we lug around, thinking it will protect us, when in fact it’s the thing that’s really preventing us from taking flight.”

- brené brown