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Ep 05 Understanding Perfectionism + the Need to Please Everyone But Ourselves (Part 2)


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Perfect is an empty but enticing promise. Unfortunately, in our pursuit of perfection we often focus on everyone else and abandon ourselves in the process.

I often think of an image of a person walking a tight rope because for many of us that’s how it feels when we’re in “perfectionist mode” – walking a thin unsteady rope across a vast emptiness below.

This is part two of our conversation on perfectionism. In this episode we’re talking about mindfulness-based tools, strategies, resources, and exercises to help address it.

Topics covered:

  • Fixed vs growth mindset
  • The value of self-compassion
  • Cultivating “shame resilience”
  • Helpful tools including: meditation + mindfulness, gratefulness, values alignment and the serenity prayer
  • Exercises and journal prompts
  • Resources

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